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2016 Replacement Techology Levy

2016 Replacement Techology Levy - February 09, 2016

This is a replacement of the existing 2010 Technology Levy - NOT A TAX INCREASE.

Federal Way Public Schools is asking our community to consider replacing the existing 2010 Technology Levy with a new 2016 Technology Levy on February 9, 2016. This levy will not increase taxes, it simply continues the current level of collections of $4.4 million dollars per year from 2017 is $0.37 per thousand dollars of assessed valuation. For more information, see the FWPS website. or CFFWS Facebook page for the more recent news and information


We Need Your Help!

CFFWS is reaching out to our community, parents, teachers, students, and business to help us promote the YES vote for FWPS’ upcoming Technology Levy (replacement) on the February 9th voters’ ballot. So if you are interested in helping us with the campaign, read on!

How You Can Help:

    • Current Six-Year Levy Began in 2011
    • Last Year of Collection is 2016
    • Current Amount is $4.4 M per Year
    • Average Home Owner Cost about $87.32
    • 6-year Replacement Technology Levy
    • $4.4 Million per year for each of the next six years
    • Tax collections for technology remain constant
    • This levy replaces an expiring tech levy
    • Consequently, no tax changes are anticipated
    • Student Technology Access: Provide equitable access to technology tools and resources across the FWPS
    • Teacher Devices and Professional Development: Provide teachers with updated computers during the life of the tech levy and supporting just in time professional development
    • Infrastructure Replacement: Maintain a stable and reliable technology infrastructure appropriate to support the core instructional mission of FWPS
    • Demonstration Sites/Academies: Increase students’ access and knowledge to technology career pathways/magnet programs while providing additional digital tools and resources. Increase teacher knowledge and capacity related to best practice and technology integration and 21st Century teaching and learning
    • Classroom Presentation Stations: Provide students and teachers access to classroom presentation stations and interactive technology
    • Increased access to technology for students at a 4:1 ratio
    • Laptop deployment to staff with refresh cycle
    • Enhanced infrastructure and wireless network
    • Presentation stations in classrooms
    • Deployed 1:1 at targeted campuses
    • Began implementation of blended learning models throughout district
    • Additional Digital Resources provided
    • Get the Word Out. First and foremost, put the word out to your immediate community that there is an upcoming vote for this levy and that you support it. Let them know why and just how important this funding is to all students, teachers and the staff that supports them.
    • Social Media.
      • Like us on Facebook. Feel free to post on our wall with highlights, news, or discussions. This is a great place to engage our community.
      • Follow us on Twitter or tweet about us using #CFFWS in your message.
    • Letter Campaign. Let us know if you would like to write a letter of support. You can either send them to the Federal Way Mirror, or you can post them on the CFFWS or Federal Way Public Schools websites. If you don’t want to write a full letter, remember you can always make your support well known in the online comments section of any article or post.
    • Endorsements. If you personally, your organization, or your business is interested in giving us your official endorsement, please let us know as soon as possible. We would love to add that endorsement to the CFFWS website and potentially in any promotional material like newspaper ads, flyers, etc.
    • School Board Meetings. – more information coming.
    • Buttons. We have a limited number of yellow “YES for Schools” buttons available, but if you would like to wear one let us know. We can try and make more and get them to you as soon as we can! If you want, we have posted an 3” round image of a button online (click on 2014 Levy tab, then click on “YES button” link under Campaign Materials in the top right corner of the page ( Many people have been printing it, laminating it and pinning it to their shirts.
    • Sign to display in your home, car and business window - SEE CAMPAIGN MATERIALS ABOVE. Print from your own printer.
    • Sign Waving. Show your support for FWPS students and the tech levy! Parents and families, staff, and community members, please join us for sign waving January 11th — February 9th. FOR PRINTABLE PDF SEE CAMPAIGN MATERIALS ABOVE or visit our Facebook page.

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  • Federal Way Education Association (FWEA) -- OUR TEACHERS
  • Community in Schools of Federal Way
  • Advancing Leadership, Federal Way
  • Greater Federal Way Chamber of Commerce
  • Tom Murphy, Former Superintendent FWPS
  • Tom Vander Ark, Former Superintendent FWPS and CEO/Executive Director of Getting Smart
  • Karen Vander Ark, Owner/CFO of Getting Smart & Executive Editor of GoodNews FW
  • Matthew Jarvis
  • Jim Ferrell, FW Mayor
  • Jeanne Burbidge, FW Deputy Mayor
  • Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer, King County
  • Representative Teri Hickel, 30th District
  • Representative Linda Kochmar, 30th District
  • Senator Joe Fain, 47th District
  • Lawrence Garrett, Executive Director of Advancing Leadership
  • Jim Storvick, former FWPS school board member
  • Mark A. Clirehugh, Kidder Mathews
  • Kathy Schmidt
  • Lori Devore, Real Estate Broker
  • Pastor Jon McIntosh
  • Pastor Joe Bowman
  • Councilmember Dave Upthegrove, King County
  • Lydia Assefa-Dawson, FW City Council
  • Martin A. Moore, FW City Council
  • Mark Koppang, FW City Council
  • South King County Fire & Rescue
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