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2017 Bond

2017 Bond - July 30, 2017

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Over 40 Citizens for Federal Way Schools Committee Members were hard at work building over 1000 signs supporting the YES vote for the upcoming 450 million dollar NO TAX increase bond benefitting FWPS, FW community and our scholars. This bond will help to modernize FWPS schools. We are getting the word out early. Look for the bright yellow signs across our community! Sign waving events and community promotional and informational outreach coming soon!

Great News! On June 13th, 2017, the Federal Way Public Schools Board of Directors unanimously approved a new and modernized facilities bond resolution of the November 7th 2017 ballot. The ballot proposition is a $450 million investment resulting in NO TAX INCREASE. FWPS has 19 of its 39 buildings 40 years or older! Let's get behind the school district and VOTE YES FOR SCHOOLS AND OUR SCHOLARS IN FWPS!



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  • King County Realtors
  • Stephanie Bowman
  • Courtney Gregoire
  • Representative Mike Pellicoitti
  • Representative Kristine Reeves
  • Jeanne Burbidge
  • Martin Moore
  • Sharry Edwards
  • Mark Koppang
  • Jack Stanford
  • Linda Kochmar
  • FW Chamber of Commerce
  • Kent FF's Local 1747
  • SKFR Local 2024
  • John Creighton
  • Lydia Assefa-Dawson
  • SKFR Chief Allen Church
  • SKFR Commission
  • Mayor Jim Ferrell
  • Len Englund
  • Mike Park
  • Dan Larson
  • Joe Bowman
  • William and Mary Gates
  • 30th LD Democrats
  • Congressman Adam Smith
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